5 Most Common Hair Loss Causes For Women

Hair Loss Causes For Women

Hair Loss in women on a daily basis is quite normal. But when you start losing hair to a great extent, it can be difficult to figure out the exact cause of hair loss. You must realize that it's time to get hair loss treatment for women.

But figuring out the exact reason for hair loss can be tricky. To help you out, we have listed some of the hair losses caused by women. These are the most common reasons:

Hair Loss Causes in Women

1) Genetics

When we talk about hereditary hair loss, we generally consider men's baldness. But the truth is all genders can go through hereditary hair loss. 

Female hereditary hair loss is known as female pattern baldness. Its cause is not clearly understood.

It can affect women at any age but occurs more commonly after menopause. It usually begins about the age of 30, becomes noticeable about the age of 40, and is more noticeable after menopause.

Although this type of hair loss can't be prevented completely, there are certain treatments available that can slow down the hair fall rate and make them healthy.

You can try the HairFolli hair growth starter pack if you are a beginner. Once you start the hair loss treatment for women, your hair will start getting healthier and stronger than before.

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2) Nutritional Deficiencies

Maintaining healthy hair completely depends on a good nutrition diet. The deficiency of zinc, protein, Vitamin B3, and iron are connected with different kinds of hair loss.

So, it is important to treat your deficiency by taking the supplements referred by your doctor.

3) Physical or Emotional Stress'

When you are dealing with something traumatic or stressful like a job change, or divorce, you may experience a temporary halt in the hair growth rate.

The same thing occurs in physical stress. Most people even start losing weight in these types of conditions.

Generally, the hair shedding caused by stress is temporary. But if it starts bothering you, then you may consult a dermatologist.

You may also try the HairFolli hair growth system to make you look fuller and healthier.

4) Regular Heat-Styling

Regular heat-styling weakens the hair by affecting its elasticity. The weak points of the hair shaft cause hair breakage and damage the hair.

Over bleaching, your hair is another major cause of hair damage. The hair loss can't necessarily occur from the root; it can occur beside the shaft.

5) Doing Too-Tight Hairstyles

Too tight hairstyles can cause thinning of the hairline, which causes severe hair loss. If you keep doing these tight hairstyles for a long time, then the hair loss may become permanent.

It can turn into a scarring process that harms the hair follicles beyond repair. So, never do a tight hairstyle for a long period of time if you want to prevent traction alopecia.

3 Things To Do To Prevent Hair Loss In Women

If you notice severe hair loss or hair thinning, you can try certain ways to make your hair look fuller and also prevent breakage. Let's have a look:

1) Wash as Often as Required.

Both overwashing and under washing can affect the appearance and volume of your hair. Not washing your hair can cause a buildup of oil and product in your hair.

On the other hand, washing them too often can wipe the natural oil off the hair and makes them prone to breakage and dryness.

So, it is suggested to wash your hair twice a week or adjust it according to your specific needs.

You can use HairFolli hair growth shampoo to make your hair strong. This is one of the best products for hair loss women treatments.

2) Use Conditioner After Shampoo

Conditioner helps to reduce static electricity and makes your hair shinier and fuller. But it should be used in adequate amounts as too much of the conditioner can weigh your hair down.

You can use the hair growth conditioner by HairFolli for the best results. It helps to restore moisture and prevents split ends and hair breakage.

3) Gently Style Your Hair

Heat and overstretching can cause hair damage, resulting in breakage and shedding. While choosing hairstyles, make sure to ignore the hairstyles that put much pressure on the scalp as it weakens the hair roots.

Styles such as tight dreads, ponytails, and braids can be specifically damaging if done for a long period of time.


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