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Folli unleashes the natural power of botanical extracts to stimulate regrowth and lends you a helping hand to maintain thicker, healthier hair. Better for your confidence than a bunch of right swipes.

Folli’s active regrowth serum:

Hair Folli

Minimises hair loss

Hair Folli

Thickens & volumises thinning hair

Hair Folli

Repairs damaged hair

Hair Folli

Optimises scalp health for hair growth

Plant Based. Vegan Friendly. Safe. Simple

Hair Folli Growth Spray

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Botanically-based treatment to stimulate hair growth.

  • So simple & quick to use
  • Helps minimise hair loss for men and women
  • Repairs damaged hair
  • Thickens & volumises thinning hair
  • Optimises scalp health for hair growth
  • Smells nice too!
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What our customers say

Amazing! Thank you!

Be amazed by this product! My friend noticed the huge improvement of my hair and ask me which product I am using, I am so happy to be asked for this question!!!

Paul L.

Noticeable results

My husband has been dealing with thinning hair and a receding hairline. Regular use of this product has helped thicken his hair and the gradual hair loss has stopped.

Alex K.

Effective for balding

I have tried so many different products for hair growth but did not work at all until I used this one. Smell is also good, very convienient, strongly recommend.

Chris D.