Lash Growth Tips

Two or three coats of mascara can make your lashes look Bambi-like and fluttery. But something about the naturally grown long eyelashes obtains a particular gravitas.

With age, the lashes start to snap off and wilt, which causes breakage and dryness. That’s where the importance of encouraging lash length comes in to keep your lashes healthier and more robust.

Although, unless you naturally own the doe-eyed and longest eyelashes, enhancing the lash length is a kind of struggle. To help you out, there are plenty of lash growth tips that can help you to get larger and stronger lashes naturally.

lash growth by folli

Use a natural eyelash growth serum

As per expert dermatologists, eye serums can help to get fuller and thicker eyelashes. You can opt for a lash serum that contains various conditioning ingredients like honey, Vitamin E, and castor oil. These ingredients help to promote the growth of your eyelashes. You can try the natural eyelash growth serum from Hairfolli.

It is prepared with all the natural ingredients, including Kakadu plum, which is considered its secret ingredient. The Hairfolli eyelash growth serum is very safe and effective to use. It’s even safe for the ones having sensitive eyes. You will notice the change just a few weeks after using this Hairfolli natural eye growth serum.

A Nutritious Diet

According to the nutritions’ recommendations, a healthy and nutritious diet with a lot of iron and protein can help maintain the health and growth of the eyelashes. Vitamins A, D, B, and E are some of the essential vitamins responsible for hair growth.

Clean Them Regularly

Cleaning is considered an important step in the process of getting long and healthy lashes.

Just like the scalp, lashes can also accumulate gunk. Mucus, eye oil, and makeup can stick in the lashes that could limit the growth of lashes. So keeping them clean and clear is the primary key for the healthy growth of your eyelashes. While washing your face, make sure to massage your lids with a mild cleanser gently. Try to put a feather-light pressure when massaging your lids.

Castor Oil

According to the experts, it has been noticed that castor oil can help to prevent loss of eyelashes as it reduces the PGD2 level. It is a kind of fatty compound that is connected with hair loss. In addition to this, castor oil helps in soothing inflammations caused by makeup or with mascara. Applying this oil on your lashes can help to thicken and condition the strands.

Bottom Line

Eyelashes always follow a natural way of growth and fall out at a certain rate. They can typically grow back without taking any treatment. But that process is quite time-consuming. So, if you want to speed up the growth process and need a natural product, then you can try Hairfolli’s natural eyelashes serum.

You can apply this serum to your lash line just like an eyeliner. It will boost the growth of your lashes within a few weeks. It is assured that you will get beautiful and long lashes as a result.


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