Keratin For Hair Treatment Pros And Cons?

Keratin For Hair Treatment Pros And Cons

Keratin Treatment is among the popular and latest hair straightening treatments. This treatment not just straightens the frizzy and curly hair but also enhances the hair texture and improves shine.

Blow dryers and hair irons used to straighten the hair often damage the hair cuticles. This is where Keratin treatment comes in.


What is Keratin Treatment?

Keratin is a type of protein present in our hair, and due to this protein, our hair remains shiny and straight.

With time, the amount of Keratin in the hair gets reduced because of lifestyle or diet changes, leading to dry and frizzy hair. In keratin treatment, this protein is added artificially to make hair look frizz-free, shiny, and smooth.

Thus, it is becoming popular among men and women. This treatment offers many pros and cons. Let’s have a look:

keratin treatment before and after

Pros of Keratin Treatment

  • It helps in restoring the natural proteins of your hair. If you have damaged or dry hair, Keratin treatment can help to add smoothness and shine to your hair. Plus, this treatment is effective in removing the roughness and frizziness of hair. The hair remains smooth, frizz-free, and straight, even in humid weather.
  • Keratin treatment acts as a time saver for the ones who regularly style hair straight. This treatment can even reduce the blow-drying duration by forty to sixty percent.
  • Keratin covers the hair strands to offer protection against environmental damage and the sun.
  • Keratin treatment done after a few months is comparatively less harmful than the regular heat styling your hair.
  • Keratin helps in hair strengthening and hair rebonding which makes hair strands stronger and less prone to breakage.
  • Keratin treatment is ideal for both men and women and with no proven side effects.
  • Keratin-treated hair is easy to style, and there is no need to use any gel or spray to retain the straight look.


Cons of Keratin Treatment

  • Keratin Treatment has a small life span. This treatment lasts for around two to four months based on the type of your hair. Also, it is not a kind of one-time process and requires touch-ups or repeat treatment after every four months. To prolong the results, you can limit the number of hair wash per week to one or two times.
  • If the length of your hair is longer than usual, this treatment can be a little expensive for you.
  • You can not use accessories or tight hair bands that can disturb the treatment layer.
  • Keratin treatment is not ideal for straight hair, and if the volume of hair is less, then it may flatten them.
  • This treatment requires post-treatment care, such as using particular hair products.
  • Your hair can turn limp and greasy easily due to the absence of frizz.
  • The chemical used in this treatment can cause watery eyes and skin irritation.
  • Sometimes, this treatment can be the reason for allergic reactions such as itching or rashes.


Wrapping It Up

Whether you have color-treated hair, wavy, or curly hair, getting this treatment can restore the softness and silky texture of your hair.

While taking this treatment, make sure that you are taking this treatment from a reputed professional.

Also, you can use HairFolli hair growth treatment products to reduce the possibility of side effects. You can also consult dermatologists to ensure that your scalp is psoriasis-free and healthy.


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