5 Hair Regrowth Tips

5 Hair Regrowth Tips

These days almost every woman faces hair loss issues and is not happy with their hair length. So, in this case, hair growth tips are always acknowledged. But before diving into the hair loss treatment tips, it is essential to understand that people don’t have a similar kind of hair.

Everyone possesses different and unique hair types, properties and textures, not to mention the maintenance and effect of the environment on your hair. Not only this, but the hair loss causes may also vary from person to person.

Fortunately, there are many hair care products available to address your hair needs. Along with hair care products, if you set the right foundation by taking nutritious food and following a hair care regime, your hair can grow substantially.

Below are some of the hair growth tips that help to promote hair growth:

1) Massage your scalp

Doing scalp massage regularly makes you relaxed and strengthens your hair, and boosts blood circulation. Stress is one of the leading hair loss causes, and scalp massages are the best ways to deal with stress. It is suggested to massage your scalp two or three times a week before sleeping. It stimulates the healthy sleep cycle and enhances hair growth.

Tip: You can use oil or HairFolli hair growth spray to provide the required vitamins to your scalp and hair for massaging.

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Take a Balanced Diet

If you want healthy hair regrowth, you must consume a balanced diet. Just like plants need sunlight, the hair also requires nutrients. Food items such as egg yolk, raisins, bananas, spinach are rich in vitamins and proteins to promote hair growth.

For good hair growth, it is also suggested to reduce the intake of sodium, carbonated sugar and drinks.

Tip: In general, anything that contains iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Omega-3 is beneficial for hair regrowth.

Shampoo Correctly

High exposure to sunlight and dirt can make your follicles brittle and tired. Hence, it is essential to wash your hair with lukewarm water. However, don’t over-wash your hair as it could harm your hair growth.

Frequent shampooing can disturb the pH level of your scalp and the natural oil formation. Furthermore, it is recommended to avoid washing your hair with extremely hot water.

Tip: Try to pick the organic and vegan shampoo for daily use. You can use HairFolli hair growth shampoo and conditioner. It protects your hair against dandruff. The Kakadu plum present in this shampoo helps repair and hydrate your scalp.

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Use Aloe Vera

If you want to get a full spa treatment, you can use aloe vera. It works as the finest moisturizer that cleanses, strengthens, and repairs the hair follicle.

Massaging your scalp with aloe vera not only cools the mind and scalp but is also a source of Vitamin A, B12, C, B, and folic acid. These all ingredients contribute to cell growth and cell regeneration.


DIY coffee Conditioner

Coffee can act as the best leave-in conditioner that promotes hair growth. It promotes blood circulation and detoxifies the scalp as it contains phytosterols. The caffeine present in coffee is helpful to make your hair shiny and smooth.

Not only this, but coffee also prevents premature greying of hair in both women and men. It is considered hair loss the best treatment.


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