How To Wear A Hair Mask For Thicker Hair?

How To Wear A Hair Mask For Thicker Hair?

Whether you have dry, coloured, or thicker hair, it is necessary to use the accurate product that nourishes and repairs the hair thoroughly.

And hair mask is one such product that does not necessarily have to be used once in a while. Why not add a hair mask to your hair care routine?


Here’s a guide on how to wear a hair mask for thicker hair:

1) Wash your hair

Before wearing a hair mask, make sure to wash your hair so that it can adequately soak the ingredients of the mask. If your hair is dry or in bad condition, you can use a conditioner before wearing a mask. Plus, always choose the shampoo according to your hair type if you want the best results.

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2) Soak up excess water using a cotton T-shirt or microfibre towel.

To achieve the best results, try to wear a hair mask on the damp hair and not on soaking wet or dry hair. It will help to properly penetrate the ingredients inside the hair strands. You can use a microfiber towel to soak excess water from your hair without harming it with friction.


3) Section your hair

Make sure that the entire length of your hair can benefit from the mask applied. Hence, section your hair into three to four layers with the help of clips. Then apply the mask to each section turn by turn.


4) Wear Hair mask

While wearing a hair mask, it is important to focus on the ends and mid-lengths of your hair. Gently massage the mask in a downward motion into your hair for around thirty seconds.

It will help the hair mask to penetrate properly in your hair strands and seal the hair cuticles for more shine and smoothness. Also, make sure to apply only a coin-sized amount of the product on the ends or mid-length of your hair without going overboard.


5) Wrap the hair in a hot t-shirt or towel

Though it is not a compulsory step, you may use it to enhance the results. Use a cotton t-shirt or hot towel to compress the mask-covered hair. Compressing your hair can quickly penetrate the mask ingredients deeply into your hair strands. This helps to maximize the outcome of the mask applied.


6) Set a timer

Mostly the hair masks are made to be applied for around five to fifteen minutes. This much time is sufficient for the hair masks to do wonders on your hair. So, make sure to set a timer and follow the instructions written on the back of the label to get the best results.


7) Rinse Thoroughly

Once you keep the hair mask on your hair strands for the desired time, use cold water to rinse it off thoroughly.

Cold water is helpful to minimize the frizz and maintain the smoothness once the hair gets dry. Make sure that you wash properly to remove all the products and are left with clean and soft hair.


Final Words

Now, you are aware of how to wear a hair mask. The other thing to note is that while buying a hair mask, make sure to choose the one that is suitable for your hair type.

Plus, it must contain as few chemicals and preservatives as possible. As a part of the recommendation, you can use Folli’s shampoo and conditioner to deeply cleanse your hair.

It not just cleans your hair but also provides the required nutrition to offer strong and healthy hair. Try now!


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