How to Apply Eyelash Growth Serum?

How to Apply Eyelash Growth Serum?

Bought an eyelash growth serum for your lashes and can't figure out how to apply it? Don't worry, it happens.

The eyelash growth serum container is small and needs precise application. You cannot simply spray or drop a small quantity of it over your lashes. The growth serum will spill on your face or enter your eyes, causing discomfort.

Plus, you don't want your precious lash serum to be wasted and spilled like that. And that's we bring you a step-by-step process of applying eyelash serum the right way. Have a look.

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Dead skin cells, dirt, pollution, or oils on your eyelids can prevent the eyelash growth serum from reaching the roots of the lashes.

The same thing is also correct for cosmetics. So, before the application of a lash serum, you have to thoroughly clean your face, specifically the eye area.

Start by removing your contact lenses (if you wear any) and wiping off your makeup. After that, use lukewarm water with a mild face wash to exfoliate your skin. You can use the Hairfolli Clean Face for the task.

The all-natural gel is effective in removing any residue on your skill and also boosts natural anti-oxidant production.

Anyways, once your face is clean, use clean linen to dry out the excess water and then move towards the next step-serum application.

Serum Application

Eyelashes are small and too near to the eye area. You cannot use your hands or a sprayer to apply the serum. You will need a small brush like a mascara brush to apply the solution.

Usually, the lash serum has an inbuilt application brush. But if yours doesn't, make sure to get a soft and clean brush for the job.

Now, dip this brush in growth serum and gently apply the liquid on the upper side of your eyelashes. Next, use the brush to gently spread the serum towards the roots. Make sure to avoid using too much serum or applying it on the lower side of the lashes.

You don't want it to enter your eyes when you blink, which brings you to the next step, finalization.


Most of the serums, especially the all-natural products, are safe for the eyes and will not cause any serious medical issues. However, they may cause discomfort, and you should try to ensure the serum never enters your eye.

Therefore, once you have applied the serum, use a tissue to wipe out the excess liquid. And make sure the serum does not reach any other part of the face. The serum is highly follicle-stimulating, and its spill can result in unwanted hairs on your face.


Eyes and the areas near them are very delicate and can get affected by even a small change in pH. And though lash serums are developed with this sensitivity in mind, they don't always suit your skin type.

It's possible that a serum that works great for someone you know may cause redness and irritation on your skin. Therefore, keep an eye for any signs of side effects.

Choosing a mild and chemical-free product is also a great idea for reducing the risk here.

You can try the HairFolli all-natural lash serum that uses natural ingredients like Kakadu Plum extracts to ensure lash growth without any risk. Its glycerin formula also hydrates the skin and prevents it from dryness or redness.

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