Hair Growth Brush

Tired of shampoo products or serums getting stuck in your hair? Provide the extra care for your hair and stimulate healthy hair growth.

The soft silicone tips from the Folli Growth Applicator Brush helps to stimulate more blood flow to your scalp, and exfoliates excess impurities to encourage the best possible conditions for maximum healthy hair growth.

After you’re done with the Folli Growth Applicator, your scalp will get that tingling sensation knowing how much love you’ve given to it!

How does it help your Folli’s?

  • Safe for frizzy, curly, short, long or straight hair
  • Boosts blood circulation for your scalp and Folli’s
  • Can be used wet for pairing with shampoo and conditioners
  • Can be used on dry hair with the Folli Growth Spray
  • Helps to clear away any scalp build up and impurities
  • Helps deliver optimal nutrients to your Folli’s for maximum growth potential 

How does it work? 

1) Wet or dry: hold the applicator brush with silicone tips pointing upwards and apply your growth spray or shampoo product

2) Gently apply the brush and massage your scalp evenly in a back and forth  motion to distribute the growth product 

3) Continue on all treated areas until there is even distribution.

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