Derma Roller for Hair Growth

Whether you want to promote hair growth or help your locks grow long and strong, simply shampooing and conditioning isn’t enough. Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, and that’s why our derma roller for hair growth is the perfect addition to your daily hair care routine!

The Gold Titanium Folli Roller uses a process of microneedling to allow the regeneration of hair follicles. Essentially, the derma roller effectively increases the blood flow while flushing out the toxins in your scalp. The 540 gold titanium needles (0.5mm) on our derma roller penetrate the top layer of the skin and promote collagen production to encourage new tissue formation, resulting in new hair follicle growth!

We recommend using our derma roller for hair growth in conjunction with the HairFolli growth spray to increase the absorption of active ingredients that supplements hair growth.

The best part about our derma roller for hair growth? It’s not just for your scalp! While it can certainly be used on patchy growth areas like hairlines, you can also utilise it as a beard roller. A derma roller for beard growth like the Gold Titanium HairFolli Roller has a smooth finish that can work to regenerate hair follicles while helping to fade away fine lines, wrinkles and acne.

For the best results, use our derma roller on clean skin and apply minimal pressure. Learn more about our hair growth products (including our derma roller for hair growth) on our FAQs page!

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