Why is My Hair Thinning?

Why is My Hair Thinning?

Imagine waking up to a pillow full of broken hairs from your scalp? It's frightening, isn't it? But you know what's even scarier, looking in the mirror and realizing your hair volume is decreasing with every passing day.

Unfortunately, thinning of hair is not that common. Men and women all over the globe experience thinning hair problems.

In fact, it's one of the most common signs of hair loss. And there are diverse reasons why you are experiencing hair thinning.

Let's have a look at the most common factors.

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Over Treating Hairs

Styling your hair with different products, highlighting them are common trends these days. People see it as a way to attain a unique appearance and look more stylish.

And to some extent, these treatments are harmless. However, if you use these treatments too frequently, it may affect your hair health and cause thinning hair.

Most of the products used for dying, bleaching, or highlighting your hairs consist of chemical-based ingredients.

These chemicals can dry out your hair, leaving them prone to damage.

It can also lead to flaking or dandruff that can cause itchiness and other scalp issues. As a result, your hair cycle gets disrupted, and you end up with slow growth and hair fall.

Nutrient Deficiency

Human hairs mainly consist of proteins and vitamins. They need these nutrients to grow, thrive and repair damages.

They will also need folic acids, minerals, and iron to ensure proper growth.

So if you are not eating a healthy diet and are deficient in protein, vitamins, iron, folic acids, or minerals, it will affect your hair.

Your blood will not be able to supply the required nutrient for the hairs cells, and they slow to stop growing.

Moreover, since your hair won't be getting nutrition, it will become weak and damaged. Thus, they will become easy to pull and break, which means a slow decline in your hair volume.

Chronic Stress

If you have been through emotional trauma or are suffering from it, that may be the reason for your thinning hairs.

When you are stressed or depressed, your body releases certain hormones that interfere with the hair growth cycle.

You can say that stress puts your hairs into a resting phase where no new hair follicle is formed.

So, when a hair gets damaged and falls, there is no new hair to replace it. Thus sometimes, the volume of hairs becomes low, and the hair thinning becomes visible.

Harsh Products

Like harsh hair styling treatment, using harsh shampoo and other products can also damage your hair.

They tend to strip off the moisture of your hair and mess up the natural pH of your scalp. Thus, you end up with weakened hairs that get pulled out very easily.

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