What's the science behind growing a beard using a beard roller?

How to Use a Beard Roller?

When using a Beard roller for growth, it can be quite confusing to see the different terms being used. Is it a beard roller? Is it a derma roller? What are these beard growth kits? Well let’s get into it, shall we?

First of all, when we first think of microneedling, it was generally women that used it to promote more collagen and new cell production to remove scarring or remove wrinkles. 

For a lot of us men out here, the ultimate dream is to have a manly thick beard just like Chris Hemsworth when he played Thor or Jason Momoa when he played Aquaman. 


Aquaman beard growth

However, try growing the perfect beard without the right tools and beard growth products, and it’s not as easy as it sounds. That’s why we’re going to go through the science of how a beard roller works and what’s the best beard roller for beard growth!

This process of using a beard roller is called microneedling also known as derma-rolling. We’re just going to stick to calling it a beard roller to keep things simple. 

Beard rollers encourage and promote newer hair follicle growth on your face... But how does a beard roller work and how do you even use a beard roller?

In this article, we will be clearing up any unanswered questions and hopefully clearing up the path so you can go on your beard growth journey. 

What is a derma roller for beard growth?

How Should I use a beard roller and how often?

Do beard rollers work for me?

Beard roller before and after - what to expect?

What is the best beard roller for beard growth?

What is a derma roller for beard growth?

The main difference between a normal derma roller and one used for beard growth is the type of microneedles, how many needles used, and it's length. Beard rollers are a tool used to promote new hair follicle growth through the technique of micro-needling leading to small incisions. When a micro-incision is caused, your skin pushes out new follicles and in turn, makes it look denser and thicker.

This process aims to increase the supply of collagen beneath your skin by creating these micro incisions on the surface of the skin. By penetrating your epidermis, the body's natural response is to repair the damaged area of the skin thus, sending an increased supply of collagen to heal the treated area.

Beard growth is boosted due to new cell production and collagen in the treated area.

How should I use a beard roller? And how often?

To get the beard growth you want we would recommend using your beard roller two to three times per week along with a good plant-based growth spray. The growth spray can be used daily.

Using the 0.5mm beard roller two or three times a week allows your skin sufficient time to heal and time for your follicles to regenerate.

We recommend rolling on the treated area back and forth 8-10 times with slight medium pressure. You won’t want to press too hard, otherwise, it could cause skin irritation or even worse infection. 

Start by rolling 8-10 times back and forth then from left, right, and up and down on your neck area.

Just remember when going in a new direction, to lift the beard rolling tool so that it doesn't damage any skin. Damaged skin can irritate.

Once this process is done, it should give off a slight pink color so you know that there is blood going to the area.   

Stop using the beard roller immediately if at any time while you’re in the micro-needling process and you feel pain or irritation.


After this process is complete, you can use any beard growth sprays or serums. The active ingredients will be able to be absorbed better.

We design a beard growth kit specifically for you! The beard growth kit comes with a beard roller that has 540 gold titanium steel needles at 0.5mm in length, along with the Beard Growth Spray.

The Growth Spray includes our not-so-secret blend of ingredients such as Kakadu Plum, Panax ginseng, and of course biotin.

Do beard rollers work for me?

It sure will if you give it time and use the right growth products consistently... Would we have thousands of customers around the world if it didn't? That was a rhetorical question.

To date there have been many clinical studies done on this topic and it is safe if used the right way. If you’re not completely satisfied we even have a money-back guarantee!

Beard roller before and after - what to expect?

Generally, before you use a beard roller make sure your skin is clean to prevent any chance of infection. So once your face is clean, after using a beard roller you’ll notice a slight tingling sensation and often a change in color of your skin from the micro incisions. 

You’ll start to notice a visible difference from three to six months of consistent use of the beard roller and growth spray combined.

What is the best beard roller for beard growth?

When we designed the Folli Beard Growth Kit, we’re providing you with the best quality derma roller for beard growth. It comes with a 0.5mm 540 Gold titanium needle roller. Don’t go for the steel needle kind as it can blunt easier. The Gold titanium is better for your skin and the needles stay sharp over time.

Beard Growth Kit | Folli Products


Just in case you’re still wondering whether to use a beard roller or not. It is a relatively affordable method of stimulating beard growth by yourself in the comfort of your own home, without expensive trips to the trichologist or barber. 

The whole process works by increasing the blood circulation, collagen production, and keratin in the treated area. While using a beard toller to grow a beard can take from three to six months to show visible results, it is one of the safest and most effective methods of boosting beard growth using a derma roller.

Search anywhere amongst the beard forums and you’ll see that this beard roller is a game-changer for many men out there trying to grow a thicker fuller beard. It’s scientifically proven and if you’re using Folli products it’s safe from any harmful chemicals. Yep, grow that beard naturally!

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