What Types of Beard Rollers are Good for Beard Growth?

What Types of Beard Rollers are Good for Beard Growth?

When it comes to growing a thick and healthy beard, no trick is off the table. Men all over the world are ready to try all kinds of oils, supplements, and tricks to deal with a patchy beard and slow beard growth.

And one thing that most men have found helpful for growing a beard is micro-needling using a quality derma roller.

It helps them with damage repair, slow growth, and increases the beard's thickness. Let's have a deeper look at how derma roller can help you and what you need to consider for selecting one for your beard.

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How does a Beard Roller Works?

Beard roller, also popular as a derma roller, is a small handheld device with a spiked cylinder at one end. This cylinder uses the spikes on it to penetrate your surface skin.

The sudden puncturing triggers your body's healing mechanism rushing oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the area. The increased blood circulation and the nutrients trigger follicle growth and supplement the existing follicles for better growth. And that's how you get a fuller and better-looking beard.

With the market full of different types, and styles of beard rollers, it can get tricky to select the best one for your beard. The following are some things that you need to consider to find the best beard roller.


The Derma roller or the beard roller is a small device, and its weight may not seem like a big concern, but you have to consider it. A heavy beard roller will make it difficult to fluently roll it in different angles, affecting the end results. Thus make sure the roller you get is designed from a durable yet lightweight material.

Roller Material

Derma rollers are available in multiple materials ranging from cheap hard plastic to metals like titanium and gold. You should never go for cheap material like plastic. It is weak and has weak penetration. Plus, plastic rollers can get contaminated and can infect you.

Titanium and gold are the best material for a safe beard roller. These metals have hypoallergenic properties that minimize any type of risk. The material also offers the right amount of strength for even skin penetration.


Needles are the part of a derma roller that will actually penetrate the skin. Their quantity and size will have a direct effect on the result you achieve.

So, check the roller for the number of needles it has. A good roller will have around 530-550 needles. Plus, it will use gold or titanium needles to prevent infection risk.

As for needle length, it will depend on your usage routine. Usually, if you plan to use a derma roller every day, you should go for small size needles while for weekly use, sick with long needles. And then there's the in-between of both the medium-length HairFolli derma roller that's good for multiple uses per week.

This lightweight roller uses titanium and gold-based build that is durable, appealing, and bacteria resistant. Its roller presents you with 540 needles that are effective for effortless penetration of the upper skin layer. It can help you to encourage tissue formation, collagen circulation and also to increase hair growth speed.

And the roller isn't just usable for beard growth. You can also use it for scalp hairs and skin problems, including wrinkles, fine lines, and more.

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