What is DHT Blocking?

What is DHT Blocking?

DHT blockers are compounds that can either prevent or decrease levels of dihydrotestosterone in your scalp. Although there are many different types, most fall under one of three categories:            

  • Decreases the production of DHT           
  • Blocks DHT from attaching to the receptor            
  • It prevents five alpha-reductase enzymes from converting testosterone into DHT.

What is Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)?

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a powerful hormone made from testosterone with largely unknown functions in your body. All we do know is that it causes an increase in the miniaturization of hair follicles.

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How does DHT affect my hair?

Dihydrotestosterone has a much higher affinity for the androgen receptor when compared to testosterone. So when you have high levels of DHT in your scalp, it will bind with the receptors in your dermal papilla leading to an increase in the production of your hair's weakest link.


5 Proven Benefits of DHT Blockers

1) They make your hair thicker and more voluminous.

When levels of DHT are inhibited, it causes an increase in the hair growth phase leading to thicker, more voluminous hair.

2) They can slow down or completely stop male pattern baldness.

If you're suffering from early-onset male pattern baldness, then DHT blockers could be the answer for you. If your family history indicates that you're most likely to be bald, then it might even save your hair. Studies have shown that DHT blockers are capable of slowing down the rate at which your hair is lost.

3) They can be used as an anti-inflammatory.

Dihydrotestosterone levels in the scalp are also responsible for redness and itchiness in your scalp. When you block DHT, these symptoms will be reduced.

4) They can help stop hair loss caused by postpartum shedding.

DHT blockers such as ketoconazole and aminexil have been shown to reduce shedding by increasing the hair cycle's anagen (growth) phase. This is believed to be caused by an increase in the release of the hair growth stimulant IGF-1.

5) They can slow down or stop receding hairlines and thinning crowns.

If you suffer from hair loss due to high DHT levels, then a DHT blocker could help stop this hair loss and even regrow some of the hair you've lost. They won't stop hair loss caused by male pattern baldness. Still, they can work as a very effective finasteride or minoxidil alternative for those who suffer from early thinning.


5 Side Effects Of DHT Blockers


1) They can lower your libido.

Many believe that since these products reduce DHT, they must also reduce testosterone levels because most of these products increase free testosterone.

2) They can cause your hair to thin even more.

Although they may slow down or stop the rate of hair loss, it doesn't mean you won't lose any hair at all. As mentioned above, DHT blockers like ketoconazole increase the growth phase of your hair cycle, causing your hairs to grow for longer periods, but they will still shed and be lost.

3) They cause severe dryness and flaking.

DHT blockers work by reducing the amount of DHT in your scalp, reducing oil production. Not only does this reduce the natural moisture content of your hair, but it could also lead to severe dandruff or flaking.

4) They can cause hair to thin in the long term.

Although DHT blockers do not reduce testosterone levels, they can still remove some of their anabolic effects on your hair. Although you would need high doses of these products for this to happen, it's still good to keep this in mind.

5) They can lower your mood and energy levels.

Since DHT is important for maintaining the health of your brain cells, then you could experience cognitive issues if levels become too low. In addition, studies have shown that changes in DHT levels may also cause depression and other psychological disorders.


It is important to choose the products, therapies and treatments that help in restoration and growth of the hair, rather than just sticking to the trendy approach it's important to go through the pros and cons of the DHT to know if it compliments your needs.

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