What causes thinning hair? How to stop thinning hair?

What causes thinning hair?

Your hair is likely to lose thickness and density as they age. In certain circumstances, thinning hair is caused by a poor diet, a lack of nutrients, or genetic hair loss. In most situations, thinning hair is unrelated to any underlying health issues. It can, nonetheless, impact people's mental happiness and self.

People have attempted various treatments and home cures to improve their hair's condition, volume, and thickness. This article will review the reasons for hair thinning and a few of the remedies that you can do today.

post partum hair loss

Causes of Hair Thinning

A certain amount of hair loss is natural. Women's hair may start losing density and texture as they age. Yet, some hair cells stop generating hair with age, and hair shafts grow thinner. The color of the hair begins to fade as well.

An individual may be suffering through hair loss if they observe many hair thinning or the appearance of baldness. Hair loss can be caused by a combination of lifestyle factors, genes, or even both. Some medical disorders might also cause hair thinning. Some of the reasons for hair loss are as follows:

Pattern Hair loss

Alopecia refers to both male and female pattern baldness. Genes and hormones have a role in their development. Alopecia is a common trigger for baldness. It is thought to impact almost half the US population of men and women.

According to hair specialists, alopecia is more likely to occur as people become older. Even though it can impact the youth, hair loss affects more than half of the male population over 50.  It also affects women after menopause. Individuals who have this problem often have family relatives who have this issue also. Hair thinning often occurs from the forehead to the back of the head for both males and females.


Your system requires nutrition to produce new hair cells and keep them functioning. To keep your hair healthy, protein is very necessary. Nutrients, such as minerals and vitamins, are important for the hair follicles in their development cycle.

Hair thinning can also be caused by nutrition and nutritional deficiency. Eating a nutritious, diverse diet can aid in the growth of thick and shiny hair. A healthy diet can also help to avoid the following indicators of weak and thin hair:

  • fragile hair shafts
  • a lifeless appearance
  • roughness
  • dandruff

Lack of vitamin D

Vitamin D is a vital ingredient to promote the strength of hair follicles, which leads to hair growth. Lack of vitamin D can result in your hair becoming dull and thin, along with other symptoms, such as muscle weakness and low endurance. Some studies have directly connected vitamin D deficiency to alopecia. Get some sun in to you!


People who have been under a lot of stress may discover that their hair is thinner than normal. This is known as androgenic alopecia. As stress can cause hair thinning, people frequently find that their hair slowly returns to its regular volume once the stressful circumstance has passed.

Healthcare experts may assist people in dealing with stressful situations. Verbal and behavioral therapy can be beneficial. People might also attempt natural stress and anxiety relief methods.


During or post-pregnancy, 99% of the women experience excess hair loss. This is due to giving nutrients to other parts of the body and to help develop the baby. Postpartum hair loss is a typical issue many women experiences following their pregnancy.

Treatments for Thinning Hair

Thinning hair is a prevalent problem in multiple individuals as they grow old. However, it is not an incurable condition. Following are some of the treatments that can help cure Thinning hair:


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