What Causes Hair Loss To Be A Genetic Disorder?

What Causes Hair Loss To Be A Genetic Disorder?

Genetic hair loss can occur in both men and women. Mostly it affects the scalp that causes bald patterns or hair thinning. If you notice severe hair loss, then you may suffer from an autoimmune condition and should immediately consult a doctor.

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There is no possible way to completely cure hereditary hair loss, but there are certain treatments that are helpful to stop or slow down hair loss.

What Are The Hair Loss Symptoms Caused By Hereditary?

The pattern of hair loss in male genetic hair loss is different as compared to female genetic hair loss. In men, baldness starts with continuous thinning at the receding hairline, which causes bald spots on the crown area.

In contrast, the women having hereditary baldness hardly get bald patches. Rather, they experience normal thinning of hair, particularly over the crown area or over the top of the head, while handling a front hairline.

Hereditary Hair Loss Causes

Just like nails and skin, the hair also goes through a process of growth and rest.

Mainly, there are three phases included in a hair cycle and hair loss can occur at any of these stages.

  • Anagen is the first stage in which the scalp hair grows continuously. The hair grows about one to two centimetres in a month. This stage lasts for around two to five years.
  • Then comes the catagen phase, in which the hair growth stops for some time. This stage lasts for around two to three weeks.
  • The third stage is also known as the telogen phase. It is a kind of resting phase, and it stays for around one to four months.

As this resting phase ends, the hair passes through a shedding phase, leading to new hair growth.

Female or male hereditary hair loss is typically caused by hormonal or genetic influences. This hair loss disorder is also known as androgenic alopecia as it is affected by the hormone named androgens.

Androgen is present in both females and males but different amounts. The chances of genetic hair loss increase if your blood relations have experienced hair loss before. Genetics will decide when your hair loss will start, the extent and pattern of hair loss, and the rate of hair loss.

How To Prevent Hereditary Hair Loss?

The genetic hair loss is a kind of blueprint of your genetics. You can’t do anything to modify your genes. You can do certain things to prevent hair loss and keep your hair stronger and healthy.

Protein-enriched Diet

Hair contains a special protein form named Keratin, the same protein present in toenails and fingernails. Besides this, other chemical substances like copper, iron, zinc, little fat, and calcium are present in hair.

Regardless of age, everyone should add adequate protein to maintain hair production. Meat, fish, eggs, tofu, grains, nuts, dried beans, cheese, chicken are some of the foods rich in proteins.

Be gentle with hair.

Always try to avoid tight hairstyles like buns, braids, and ponytails. Don’t expose your hair to the sun for a long period of time. You should also avoid twisting and pulling your hair. Along with this, reduce the excessive heat treatments. Try to choose the products that are designed according to your hair needs.

To maintain your hair growth, you can try HairFolli hair growth serum along with hair loss shampoo as a hair loss treatment. These products provide enough nourishment to your hair and restore natural moisture. Once you start using these products on a daily basis, you can experience a positive change in just a few weeks.

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