Ways to Style Your Hair if You Have Hair Loss Patches

Ways to Style Your Hair if You Have Hair Loss Patches

Thinning of hair is a natural part of life, and everyone faces it after a certain age. Most of the time, hair loss and hair thinning is just part of the natural hair cycle and will go away automatically.

But how much hair loss is normal, and when should you start finding a way to treat hair loss?

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Well, the best possible answer is that you should watch out for signs like bald spots. If you are shedding more than 100 or 150 hairs per day and it's starting to reveal your scalp, you should start taking precautions.

You can consider diet changes, regular hair care routine massage, and more. It will help to recover from hair loss in a few weeks or months.

Meanwhile, you can try the following hair styling tricks. They come in real handy for covering hair loss patches.

Change Hair Style

Cutting your hair while you are suffering from hair thinning seems like a bold move. Many think cutting their hair will contribute to the problem and reveal more scalp.

It's not entirely true. In fact, shortening your hair can actually help them look thicker.

Try going for a hairstyle that includes shorter hair on the edges and longer hairs in the middle. It will help to highlight the longer hairs in the middle.

Trimming of hair also decreases the apparent difference in the look of the general scalp and the bald spot section. It will create an evenness that helps to draw attention away from the bald spot.

Blow Dry Your Hairs

Human hairs have natural elasticity, and you can use this property to create an illusion of volume. You can use the blow dryer to straighten your hair and shape them in a way that they look more fluffy.

The dryer will also ensure that the hairs don't fall straight, which further helps to make them look volumetric.

Besides the volume, a hairdryer is also helpful in preventing hair loss. You can use a dryer instead as a towel to avoid pulling hairs from their roots.

Volumizing Solution

There are many hair loss products in the market that can help to increase the volume of your hair and fill the bald space. For insurance, you can use a volumizing powder.

The powder is developed to add texture to your hair and make them look thicker. Just sprinkle some of it on your hair, use your fingers to distribute it, and you are good to go.

Another good solution for adding volume is to use hair spray. These sprays temporarily fill the bald area and make it appear fuller. Some like the HairFolli Growth Spray also help to stimulate the hair roots for faster hair growth.

The all-natural HairFolli spray also consists of some highly nourishing plant extracts. Regular use of this spray will supply the hair strands with the nutrients they need to repair the damage.

Paired with HairFolli Growth Shampoo and Conditioner, it won't just hide but also help get rid of the hair fall problem. 

Dye Hair Roots

If you are looking for a more long-lasting hair thickening method, drying their roots can help. Ask your hairstylist to make the roots of your hair darker than the hair strands.

Darker roots will create an illusion of higher volume. It's somewhat the same as how you dye your eyebrows to make them look thicker.

You can also use spray and colored shampoo for this part. These hair loss products are more affordable and don't need professional help.

Although, you will need a little practice to use these home solutions to ensure the color coat is even and looks natural.


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