Men’s Grooming Organic Products

Do you know what the most trending fashion in men is these days? Guys must know that. You guessed it right; it's Beard or Beards.

Not only present, but it was a style statement in the past too. So to help you follow this trend, we are here with different Men grooming organic product ranges.

But before anything, let's talk about those guys who want to grow a killer beard but have patchy beards. Don't worry; nothing to embrace about.

Many guys face this problem, and it's neutral and durable too. But before talking about a cure, first, we should know the cause of the problem.

Common Cause of Patchy Beard

1. Genetics: We all know genetics is the most critical factor in the growth from an offspring to an adult. The physical and biological changes mainly depend on the parents' genes.

In middle and high school, we all saw students with thick beards that they had to trim whether they liked it or not, as well as pupils of the same age who could hardly grow a moustache if they tried.

Men Grooming organic product

The growth of a beard depends on the activated follicles they have on the face. As we reach puberty, strands get activated, and the beard grows.

But that doesn't mean you can't start follicles after a teenager. In some cases, it takes time to get a full-grown beard.

2. Imbalance of Hormones: Hormones also play an essential role in changes in the human body. Testosterone, and more especially the subtype of testosterone called dihydrotestosterone, is the hormone that causes facial hair to grow in males.

As hormones change throughout the life of a human, sometimes an imbalance in these hormones can cause harmful effects on the growth of facial hairs. So, if you are thinking about how to cure the hormonal imbalance, stay with this article until the end.

3. Stressful Lifestyle: We know that stress can cause mental and emotional problems. But recent research revealed that stress impacts the physical health of our body, including skin, muscles, and, guess what, facial hairs too. 

According to research, stress elevates the body's cortisol level, lowering the levels of DHT and some testosterone-related chemicals.

4. Mistakes in Grooming: Having or growing a great beard isn't always about genetics or hormones. Sometimes, having good grooming knowledge can only help you get a good beard, and letting it grow on your face consistently will help you get a good beard. 

5. Alopecia Areata: This is the least common reason for the patchiness of the beard. Alopecia Areata is baldness causing problems that can affect any body part. It can be caused by the head or face.

We know every problem can be solved if we work hard for it and give it time to get desired results. Our Hairfolli team does the same. They worked hard, tried many formulas, analysed many results and finally came up with a solution that our strong men want to feel confident for their facial hair.

This formula is applicable to cure scalp baldness, too, so we can offer all-one solutions for scalp and beard worries. 

The speciality of this formula is that it's all organic. We include Native Kakadu Plum (Terminalia ferdinandiana), Nigella Sativa Seed Extract, Piper Nigrum Seed Extract, Licorice Root Extract (Glycyrrhiza Glabra), and Panax Ginseng Berry Extract in every bottle of our product. In addition, Hairfolli provides a Beard Growth Kit that includes all organic Hair growth spray and 540 Gold Titanium derma roller, which stimulate beard growth.

Hair folli also offers affordable pricing of products with easy instalment payments and a 20% discount on subscriptions for monthly packages.

Ultimately, we wish you a confident and healthy life and support you with more products like these.