Is Eyelash Serum Safe For Extensions?

Is Eyelash Serum Safe For Extensions?

Currently, a wide range of lash serums is available in the market. However, few people doubt using lash serums when wearing eyelash extensions.

Lash serum and eyelash extensions are two beauty products with a common purpose, i.e., they enhance the lashes look. But here the question comes is, can you use both simultaneously?

Well, the answer to this question is Yes. Eyelash serums like Hair Folli Natural Eyelash Growth Serum are safe to use with extensions. The eyelash serums can regenerate and strengthen your lashes to hold the extensions. In addition to this, it also extends the lash cycle, which leads to less frequent fills.

One should apply the lash serum at the roots of the lashes just like an eyeliner. It is suggested to avoid mascara applicators as they coat the whole lash and make volume extensions clumpy.

But before you rush to buy a lash serum, let’s spare some time to learn about how to safely apply eyelash serum on extensions.

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Tips for using Serum with Extensions

You can use eyelash growth serum with extensions without experiencing any adverse effects Here are a few of the suggestions to make sure that your eyelash extensions and serum can simultaneously work together:

  1. Use serum without oil: Generally, lash serum is rich in oils to provide effective results. Coconut oil, castor oil, and almond oil are the common oils in eyelash serums. Check the ingredients before purchasing serums without oil as it can damage the extensions.
  2. Do not use a Mascara wand for serum application: A mascara applicator serum is coated on the entire eyelash, which causes problems for people with eyelash extensions. Using mascara for the volume lashes would stick all the lashes together.
  3. Apply it regularly: An eyelash serum should be applied on a daily basis to achieve the best results.

How to Apply Eyelash Serum on Extensions?

Eyelash serum is one of the best ways to protect eyelashes and keep them healthy. But if you have eyelash extensions, applying eyelash serum can be tricky as it gets stuck in your eyelash extensions.


Here’s how you can apply the lash serum on extensions:

  1. Select the right products: Not all eyelash serums are ideal to use with extensions. So, it is essential to read the label and choose the one specifically designed to use with lash extensions. Also, go for the one that comes with an eyeliner applicator and avoid mascara wands.
  2. Perform Allergy Test: Before using it on your skin, perform a patch test by adding one drop to your forearm, neck, or any other area of the body.
  3. Clean your face: Make sure to clean your face using warm water to remove oils, dust, dirt, and makeup to make a clean surface for quick absorption of the serum and easy application.
  4. Apply serum: Take a brush and apply eyelash serum just like you apply eyeliner. Make sure to apply the serum on the roots of the upper lash line, starting from the inner corner and taking it to the outer corner of your eye.
  5. Allow it to try: After lash serum application, it is essential to wait for some time before putting eye makeup near the lash line.


Final Thoughts

Using eyelash growth serums with extensions is safe if chosen and applied correctly.

You can use HairFolli Natural Eyelash growth serum, knowing that it is clinically tested even for people who wear contact lenses and sensitive eyes. 

It is made with natural ingredients, which makes it practical and safe. Give HairFolli Natural Eyelash growth serum a try now with it's easy month by month subscription delivered to your door. Cancel, pause or change your products anytime!


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