Want to get on top of the e-commerce competition? Then read this short guideline.

How To Scale An E-commerce Business

E-commerce is now a very competitive sector of business. Surviving here is not easy at all. You will need to constantly come up with new ideas to keep your business running. But this competitive nature of e-commerce makes it very hard. Especially for businesses that have just started. In order for them to survive and thrive in this business, they need to scale up their business.

There are many ways of doing that and as a new business, you should consider launching new products as an option because that is the most effective way.

Launching New Products

To scale up your business with a new product launch, you must target the right customer and earn their trust. Know who your target audience is and what type of products they're looking for. There are billions of people online but sorting out the right one is very difficult. But there are ways of doing that. Such ways include backlinks, email marketing, and paid advertisement. If you follow these steps accordingly, you will be able to scale up your e-commerce business by a lot in less than 12 months.

Build one-to-many relationships

When you are launching a new product. You have few customers at the beginning. That is when you make one-to-one relationships. But you have to scale it up using other mediums to generate more customers and when that happens you have to make one-to-many relationships. So when you launch your next new product, all of them will be notified and they will influence others - this will scale up your business.


You can generate free backlinks for your new product by writing an article relevant to it. Take a look at this Lash Growth Serum article. You can follow the same strategy and write a relevant article about your product. Make it appealing so that you can publish it in your blog and other pages may also promote your article. Be sure to hyperlink that article with your product so readers can directly view your product and purchase it.

Email marketing

When traffic has increased in your e-commerce site from the backlinks, you can collect their email using other strategies. Buy an email automation service and enlist those emails. Also include the ones of your customers on this database. Whenever you launch another new product, those email contacts will be notified and they may end up buying your product. This will create a loyal customer base for your business. New product offerings help to keep your brand innovating!

Paid advertising

After the success of backlinks and email marketing, it is time to push your business one step further and that is using paid advertising. Paid advertising may be a little costly but it will increase your business’s reach and it will scale up with new customers around the world. This can be done through google ads, and social media like Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok.

If you follow these three simple steps, you will be able to easily scale up your e-commerce with a new product launch in less than 12 months. We hope that you will get your desired results. All the best from us for your e-commerce business. Let's grow together!

-Amanda Chan

Marketing Manager