How to Help Prevent Hair Loss or Baldness?

Watching a few strands fall off your scalp is a little disheartening but not that troublesome. However, when that strand turns to a fist full of hairs, that's a real concern.

Unfortunately, in today's stressful and hastily life, people of every age and sex are experiencing premature hair loss. But fortunately, most of the factors contributing to the problem are avoidable with some preventive measures. Let's look at these problems and how you can avoid them.

healthy hair

Prevent High Heat

Natural human hairs have decent resistance against heat, but they are not completely invulnerable. If you expose them to high heat for a long time, their roots become weak and detach from the scalp. Excessive heat can also affect the individual stand, making it rough and easy to break.

Therefore, never use a direct heat source to style your hair. If you are using a dryer or iron, consider using a heat-protective serum first. It's also good to avoid hot showers every day. Moreover, wear a cap or cover your hair with something when going out in bright sunlight.

Avoid High Strain Hairstyles

A hairstyle is an important part of grooming and can help to bring out your natural facial features. However, every time you style your hair, you expose them to chemical products, including wax, gel, and more. These products can harm the hair and dehydrate them.

Similarly, while styling them, you stretch them to get the right volume. The hairs have natural elasticity and can ensure this stretching but not on a daily basis. Daily styling can strain the hair and cause hair thinning which is a factor for baldness.

Therefore, every now and then, take a day off from styling. Just wash your hair with a mild shampoo, and let them dry naturally. Some fresh air and a product-free will help them regain their natural elasticity.

Evade Chemical Based Hair Products

Harsh chemical-based products are one of the most severe problems leading to hair loss. The harsh chemical product not only dries the hair but also lacks the essential nutrients that they need.

It is best if you switch your shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil with chemical-free and organic products. You can consider getting a Hairfolli combo. It comes with a set of high-quality shampoo, conditioner, and a hair spray. Hairfolli uses all-natural ingredients, including plant extract, for making these products. They are highly nutritious and hydrating for your hair.

Use Soft Brush or Combs

Combing or brushing is essential for detangling your hair. Most people do it on a regular basis, and in normal conditions, it's actually good for spreading oils and increasing blood circulation. Combining also helps to stimulate the scalp for producing more collagen production.

However, hair, especially when wet, can get plucked while combing. In fact, a hard comb pulls them right from the roots, which can disrupt normal hair growth. And considering you cannot avoid detangling, it's crucial to pay attention to the bristles while buying a comb and brush. Always buy a comb or brush with soft bristles. Something like a Hairfolli brush will do perfectly. It has a curved and vented design that can detangle hairs without exerting excessive force.


Hairs are delicate and need proper maintenance to grow and thrive. Reducing heat exposure, providing nutrients, avoiding brushing while they are wet are a few ways to ensure their growth. Try them.