How to Glow Up And Look Beautiful

What is a Glow Up?

These days a Glow Up has become a famous trend among influencers and gurus. But here, the question arises what the hype is all about?

Anyone claiming that glow up is tailored to make you prettier only from the outside is surely missing something. Glow up is basically beyond that a physical makeover. It is the process of transforming into a better version of yourself.

Here are some of the tips that you can follow in your life to experience an incredible glow up. So, Let’s glow up and look beautiful from the inside out.

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How to have a Glow up in a week? Follow One Glow Up routine a week.

It is an essential tip regarding the glow up process. Many women search for glow up in a week or glow up overnight on Google.

But the truth is change can not occur overnight. There is no need to feel rushed if you expect a lifelong transformation with a long-lasting impact on your happiness and health.

So, it is recommended to make one change in a week. It will take some time to provide the desired results, but don’t lose motivation. You will see the results in due time when it is meant to be.

Learn About Emotions

Emotions are the pillar of your life experiences. Overwhelm, exhaustion, stress, anxiety immediately reduce your glow.

Whereas excitement, optimism, joy, and happiness re-energize your face. So, glow up has to begin with learning and mastering the emotions.

Recognizing that you are in control of your emotions can provide a fresh and higher level of happiness and confidence.

Surround Yourself With the Positive People

You feel happier if surrounded by the people who support, love, and encourage you at a deep level. You’ll find the peace that you do not even want to leave their zone.

Whereas, if you spend time with gossipy, negative, and critical people, it automatically reflects in you, and you start reacting the same.

So, always try to become friends with and surround yourself with passionate and positive people to enhance your glow up process.


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Physical Exercise Every Day

To achieve that absolute glow up, it is important to invest at least fifteen minutes of body movement every day. Exercise works great for your health, mood, confidence, hormones, physical appearance, and skin.

You can practice any type of exercise that makes you feel good. Whether it is dancing, taking your pet on a walk, heading to the gym, no matter what you do, make sure to maintain body movement daily.

Self Care

Using Plant Based Skincare, Shampoo And Conditioner In The Right Way

By using an all natural plant based hair and skin care routine, your body will thank you.

Let's start with a Vegan Hair Repair Shampoo, it should be used on the scalp as it helps to eradicate the dirt and oil built on your scalp. So, always shampoo your hair once a week to cleanse your hair properly.

Plus, the shampoo helps to restore the natural pH of your hair. Don’t shampoo your hair more often in a week, as it will wipe off all the moisture that results in dry hair.

When it comes to conditioner, always apply it on the ends. It helps to maintain hair strength and prevent split ends. Don’t apply conditioner on the scalp as it weighs down the roots and makes the scalp oily.

You can even try HairFolli hair growth shampoo & Conditioner that not just cleans your hair but also repairs and hydrates your scalp.

Now for the skincare routine. Having a gentle plant based cleanser and moisturiser ensures that your skin is clear of dirt, and hydrated to look and feel beautiful. Try the Folli Skincare Bundle today.


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