How Long Does It Take to Repair Bleached Hair?

How Long Does It Take to Repair Bleached Hair?

One point everyone can agree on is that bleached hair can't be good for you. We seem to like our hair to be longer, dense, and healthy-looking, but our dreams do not often match our reality. You adore your wonderful hair one moment, and after that, you can't believe your now-damaged locks are yours the next. Far too many factors may convert our lovely hair into a living hell, but after the damage is already done, the next thought is to repair the bleaching. And here, we will be talking about exactly that. So let's get started!

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What is Bleaching Your Hair?

Hair bleaching is a biochemical procedure that removes the pigment (color) from tresses, leading to lighter hair. Depending on the severity and kind of hairs you have and how deep your original shade is, every color tone would have varying degrees of pigment to break through.

The more pigmentation is dissolved, and the whiter the hair gets, the further the bleaching is kept. Deeper colors like dark brunette/black would likely seem yellowish or perhaps a warmer reddish color after the initial application, however hair with pre-existing blonde overtones would find it simpler into becoming a platinum tint.

Side Effects of Bleaching

Bleaching causes hair to become coarser, more brittle, and far less flexible than before. Your hair will become more likely to breakage and less maintainable due to its impacts. Your hair can entangle more readily due to the bleaching procedure, which increases the cuticles.

The hair may become whiter when you leave the chemical on for too long. Alternatively, bleached blonde hair might take on a yellow tinge when the stripping procedure reveals the inherent golden color of the hair protein keratin. Darker hair hues frequently take on a reddish tinge as this shows through.

Who Should Avoid Bleaching Hair?

If your hair is exceedingly brittle or broken, we advise you to approach it with caution. Bleaching hair that has just been straightened or permed is also not recommended.

Also, please remember that, especially if your hair is darker, whitening may take multiple treatments to obtain the desired result. In those circumstances, it's crucial to spread out your lightning treatments per six weeks or more over many months to enable the hair to heal.

How Long Does It Take to Repair Bleached Hair?

Each person's hair is unique, and the extent of the damage will determine how long it takes to restore your bleach hair fully. After some weeks or even days, you may notice some improvements from using a plant based shampoo and conditioner, but it may take months to cure the bleach in your hair fully.

Especially for bleach hair, you'll have to grow new hair to get your bleached hair back to usual. The time it would take depends mostly on how rapidly your hair grows, but it might take anywhere from two to three years. 

What to Do After Bleaching Your Hair?

Make a few of the following modifications to your regimen and style items following bleaching your hair to avoid future damage to your hair and to restore a few of the damage done by the bleach:

  • Your hair should only be washed every three days.
  • Select moisturizing shampoos and conditioners made specifically for bleached and treated hair.
  • To dry your hair, use a microfibre cloth.
  • Use hot styling products cautiously.

Get Professional Help If You Want to Repair Bleached Hair

We know how constant bleaching can eventually develop to be a headache if you don't take care of it the right way. Many people experience what you have been experiencing. You are not the only one.

The best way to regrow your beautiful hair is to get a good plant based Shampoo & Conditioner to speed up the repair process.... Folli is hassle free and focuses more about the solutions to your hair regrowth!