How Does Stress Affect Hair Growth?

When we think of hair growth, we only consider a few factors that can affect hair growth. These primary factors include nutrients, skin type, and the products we use on our hair. Not many are aware that stress also plays a vital role in affecting hair growth.

Undoubtedly, stress can cause a lot of health problems, including depression, anxiety, indigestion, and insomnia. Along with all these, you may also experience hair loss or stunted hair growth because of long-term stress. There is a strong correlation between hair loss and stress.

stress hair loss

The Connection Between Stress And The Hair Cycle:

In order to cure your hair loss and enhance hair growth, you need to realize the underlying cause. Chronic or long-term stress is a very renowned cause of sudden hair loss. There are three types of hair losses that can be related to stress.

Telogen Effluvium: In this type, chronic stress puts many hair follicles into resting phases. And then, in the long term, the affected hair might start to fall suddenly while combing or washing hair.

Trichotillomania: This condition deals with the unstoppable urge to pull hair from the scalp, eyebrows, or any other area. Usually, people dealing with negative feelings, stress, tension, loneliness, or frustration end up doing this.

Alopecia Areata: Serve stress is the primary cause of this condition. This is caused when the body’s immune system attacks the follicles and hence causes hair loss.

How to Lessen The Effect Of Stress On Hair Growth

There are many ways through which you can cope up with stress and enhance your hair growth. For doing that, it is essential to recognize the key factor behind your hair loss and only trust reliable sources of information for hair growth tips. If you are under any kind of stressful situation, then the following tips can help you:

  • Relaxation Techniques: Deep breathing, meditation, or yoga are very effective techniques for combating stress.
  • Exercises: Many physical exercises like walking, yoga, and pilates help in managing stress and reducing the effects of stress.
  • Company: Your environment has a deep impact on your mental health and stress levels. You can bring about a change and spend more time with positive people or friends you feel happy with.
  • Hair Care: Treating your hair in the right way also helps in reducing the levels of stress. Massaging your head and hair fosters a peaceful mind. It will help you to feel comfortable and relaxed.

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