Hair Growth Products By HairFolli

Hair is something that completes our beauty. Everyone wishes for softer, shiner and strong hair. But ageing and work stress affect everyone, resulting in problems like hair fall, split ends and grey hairs, which have become a part of everyone’s life, whether it is men or women. 

But most people cannot find a permanent solution for their hair problems and waste their money on surgeries and pills, hoping for miracles that never happen. But now you don’t have to worry more about your hair care. Hairfolli brings a complete range of the best Hair Growth Products bundle, which can bring your beauty and confidence back.

HairFolli hair growth bundle includes

The Hair Growth Products bundle gives your hair proper care and protection as it consists of the following products-

Hair Growth Spray

Enriched with the goodness of traditional herbal medicines like:

  • Licorice Root Extract - Loaded with antioxidant qualities, Licorice root extract is one of the best natural moisturisers for the scalp, giving you all the ingredients needed for hair growth. 
  • Nigella Sativa Seed Extract - Nigella Sativa Seed Extract is the best remedy for stimulating the scalp and regrowing thicker and stronger hairs.
  • Piper Nigrum Seed Extract - Another traditional medicine loaded with antibacterial properties, it also improves the blood circulation of the scalp.

Hair Growth Products

Thrive Shampoo

Thrive shampoo is the perfect blend of herbs and extracts which are scientifically proven. Some of them are given below- 

  • Citrulline- Citrulline helps hydrate the scalp, providing a good amount of iron and vitamin A to the scalp; it also helps create new cells.
  • Phenoxyethanol Ethylhexylglycerin- It is a natural glycerin extracted from plants that help clear dead cells from the scalp and helps in softening and smoothening hairs. 
  • Arctium majus root extract helps fight Folliculitis, a condition where bacteria infect hair follicles, due to which the person experiences inflammation. It also helps in clearing dandruff. 
  • Cocamidopropyl Betaine- This is a moisturising compound extracted from coconut oil that provides proper hydration to the scalp. It also helps clean the dirt from your scalp collected by pollution.

Revive Conditioner

This 100% natural vegan conditioner is the best blend for hair regrowth. It properly nourishes the hair follicles ( openings in the scalp from where hairs grow) and gives them all the essential nutrients enriched with amino acids, proteins and minerals.

It is made with the perfect combination of medical herbs like Panax Ginseng Berry Extract, Arginine, Acetyl Tyrosine, Caprylyl Glycol and many more, which defend your scalp from baldness, dirt particles and all other hair problems.

Hairfolli is the best vegan cosmetic brand for all skin and hair problems solutions. If you want the best, choose the best. Give a gentle hug to your hair with the goodness of herbs. We are one of the leading brands serving millions of happy customers.


If you want to give the best care to your hair, then Hairfolli should be your first choice. It provides the best Hair Growth Products for men and women. So what are you waiting for? Order now and get the look that you want. For more information, visit