Eyelash Growth Serum For Beautiful Natural Eyelashes

Eyelash Growth Serum:

Have short, straight, and stubby natural lashes? Sick of applying layers of mascara with no success? Then it's time to consider Eyelash growth serum. It's nowhere similar to cosmetic extensions, which can be temporary or permanent. Eyelashes for women are a mode of confidence, beauty and self-esteem nowadays. We recommend using natural products because these do not include any chemicals which cannot cause itching to the sensitive areas of the eyes and other problems.

Let me give you some Facts and Myths about Lash Growth Serum:

Will get better results with Natural serum (Fact): Thinking about "Which product will grow your Eyelashes?" The market is full of Natural and synthetic formulations. Choosing synthetic formulation serum comes with hormones and chemical ingredients, which affect sensitive areas of the eyes. Another option is Natural formulated serum which does not contain any toxic hard-to-read ingredient. Natural Eyelash growth serum builds the integrity of hair follicles, making them resistant to breakage and thicker to look beautiful.

  • Need to be persistent to get results (Fact): You can't expect killer abs in a week of hitting the gym, the same way you cannot see the transformation of your lashes in 5-10 days. Good things take time, and they last longer too. Generally, natural serums take 3-5 weeks to get visible results, but when you see the growth of full, fluttery eyelashes, your waiting period will seem worth it.

  • Eyelashes extend in three stages (Fact): The anagen phase(active growth duration), the telogen phase (resting duration) and the catagen phase (transitional duration). At a time, 90% of Eyelashes are anagen phase. In this stage, lashes grow around 0.16mm every day. So, if you are thinking of cutting them, they will regrow but have to wait for 5 months to get them back.

  • Results remain permanent (Myth): Nothing stays permanent in life; things stay longer only if taken care of. The same is with eyelashes; you have to maintain the application of eyelash growth serum regularly to get results. One-stop can result in the eyelash returning to its previous state and even starting breakage of lashes because serum moisturises the lashes in the same way moisturiser works for the skin.
  • The more serum you apply, the faster the results you get (myth): Excessive application does not give faster results or improve their condition. Eyelash growth serums are highly concentrated and a bit expensive. Therefore, a consistent usage rate with an extensive application can achieve the best results.

How does Lash Growth Serum work?

You know about the serum. You got an idea of facts and myths related to the serum. But I'm still confused about how it works. So this part is dedicated to this question only. Eyelash-enhancing serums combine many ingredients like peptides and vitamins, which work together to improve the strength, volume and shine of natural eyelashes

As we know, moisture is a key ingredient to healthy skin; the same way moisture is crucial for healthy lashes. These serums have a very simple application and are easy to use. All it requires is a simple swipe on lashes and kept overnight to get the best results and grow longer every day. 

The Hairfolli Eyelash serum is made with natural ingredients, botanicals and our secret ingredient (which is not a secret anymore), Kakadu Plum. Natural ingredients make it safe and effective, even if the applicant wears contact lenses or has sensitive eyes.  

You are just a step away from boosting your beauty and confidence with thick and fluttery eyelashes. Buy Hair Folli Natural Eyelash Growth Serum Now !!! And start getting results in a week or get your money back.