Worried about your not having long eyelashes? Then try the new Eyelash Enhancer by Folli

Lash growth serum or Extensions?

Every woman knows how valuable it is to have beautiful eyelashes. It is the most important part of beauty - the eyes. We will do anything to make our eyelashes flourish. Sure, there are artificial eyelashes or extensions for temporary use but we prefer the real thing.

We want to have our real natural eyelashes grow and be beautiful. But unfortunately, all of us don't have the same luck to be born with. naturally long lashes. Luckily science has come up with wonders to solve these kinds of problems of humankind and yes, that also includes growing eyelashes.

So, what wonder did science give us for our eyelashes? Lash growth serum. What is it? How does it work? Let's find out.

What is Lash Growth Serum?

Lash growth serum is like food for your eyelashes. They influence the growth rate of your eyelash naturally. The serum in the solution have many minerals that can repair damaged eyelashes and improve the growth rate. Not only does lash growth serum enhance the growth of the eyelashes. But also strengthen them and make them longer and thicker.

How does Lash Growth Serum work?

Lash Growth Serum works very similar to the way hair oil works. Both of them are filled with active ingredients, conditioning peptides, and fatty acids. These ingredients are essential is hair and nail growth. Our eyelashes are very similar to our hair. 

You apply to lash growth serum in the same way you would apply hair oil. When you apply the serum to the roots of your eyelashes, the protein in the solution gets to work. More than 90% of the solution is made out of protein. The amino acid, building block of protein, nourishes lashes from scratch and repairs all damages. This is the first phase.

You will need to apply the serum regularly. Regular use of the serum will repair damaged eyelashes and then stimulate the growth process. How exactly is the growth process triggered? Remember when we said that there are conditioning peptides and fatty acids in the formula. These two stimulate the telogen phase of growth. This makes the lash growth cycle last for a longer period and that is how lash growth serum grows your eyelash. Not harmful, just stimulating the natural growth process.

Now if you are interested in trying out a lash growth serum for yourself you know we have just the thing for you. We, Hair Folli are now selling Eyelash Enhancer. Made from the safest materials to ensure the safety of our customers. 

It's fully Australian made, non-toxic chemicals and vegan friendly! 

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- Amanda Chan

Marketing Manager