Does Eyelash Growth Serum Work?

Does Eyelash Growth Serum Work?

Thick, shiny, and fuller-looking lashes have unique appeals that instantly uplift the facial appearance. They highlight your eyes, making your eyelids appear less heavy and more awakened.

And it's not rocket science that every woman wants their eyelashes to be thicker, longer, and more fluttery.

Many use mascara to create an illusion of this thickness, while a lot may depend on a lash serum to actually grow longer eyelashes. This raises a major concern, are the serums really offering the benefits you expect?

Do they really enhance eyelash growth, or are they just another cosmetic in your makeup bag? The following data will help you answer these questions.

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How Eyelash Serum Works?

The human eyelashes are much similar to any other hair of your body. They are composed mainly of proteins and need a high quantity of them to stay healthy. They also need vitamins and protein to repair the damage, just like your scalp hairs.

The lashes also follow the same growth cycle as the scalp hairs, and that's where the growth serum comes into play.

The lash serum consists of a compound that can interrupt the hair growth cycles and increase the longevity of the telogen phase. As a result, more lashes go under the rest phase than normal, resulting in better thickness and length. 

The lash serum also consists of peptides or proteins in simple terms that supplement healthy growth. The nutrient is also effective in damage recovery and healthy hair growth.

Is Eyelash Serum Really Effective?

The simplest answer is, yes, the lash serum works. However, there is no set time for results. The result will be apparent for some people after just a few weeks, while it can take months for many others. Plus, not every serum will suit your skin.

It's crucial that you consider your normal hair growth and skin type before selecting your lash serum. Moreover, you need to ensure that the serum you use does not contain any harsh chemicals, as they can present side effects in the long term.

In fact, if possible, try to use only all-natural lash serum, especially for sensitive skin. HairFolli lash serum is a great consideration in these terms. It is chemical-free and very effective.

Does the Eye Lash Serum have any Side Effects?

Considering your serum is chemical-free, the chances of a side effect are very low. The solution may cause a little irritation if it enters your eyes, but there's no damage. And you can always avoid this risk by using the serum carefully.

Just apply them with a small and precise brush and use a limited quantity of the liquid. Moreover, apply the serum on the upper side of the lashes and then spread it with the brush. And wipe out the excessive serum.

Another measure in this regard is to test the serum on a small section before going full scale. It will help you ensure that your skin type is compatible with the serum composition.

Why use HairFolli Eyelash Serum?

Hairfolli Eyelash serum is an all-natural solution made plant extracts, making it highly effective. The serum is very nourishing and is compatible even with the most sensitive skin. And it's very easy to apply.

The serum container comes with a small inbuilt brush that you can use to apply and spread the serum. The brush also absorbs a very mild quantity of serum so, there is no risk of an unwanted spill while applying it.

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