Does Beard Growth Oil Work?

Does Beard Growth Oil Work?

If you are a male growing a beard to add an edge to your face and achieve a masculine look, then you may have heard of beard oils. In fact, there's a huge chance that you may have even tried a few of them, maybe because your hairstylist or friend recommended it.

Most beard oils claim that using these oils regularly can make your beard healthier, fuller, and softer. The oils can also influence the growth rate of your beard oils.

But the question is, do the oils really work, or are these just claims by beard oil manufacturers and sellers? Moreover, if they work, how? Let's find out.   

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Does Beard Oil Work?

Beard oils are a fusion of several high nutrients essential oils like argan oil and Jojoba oil. They sometimes also contain extracts of fruits and herbs known for their nutritional value and hair growth effect.

When you massage your beard with these oils, the compounds form a layer on them and also get absorbed by the roots. And in the process, it provides the beard with nutrients it needs for damage repair and new follicle formation. The protein and vitamins it provides also boost the beard growth rate.

Moreover, these oils hydrate the beard hairs as well as the skin beneath. Thus, turning the hard beard hairs softer and more tameable. Not to mention it prevents flaking due to dryness.

So, yes, the beard oil really works and will definitely help to enhance your beard growth and appearance. Provided you use it the right way.

How To Use Beard Oil?

To apply your beard oil properly, you will need a small comb or brush. It will help to detangle the beard and spread the oils evenly. Although, you can avoid using it if your beard is small and patchy.

Either way, the step for application will remain the same for the following. Have a look.

  • Start by washing your beard with a mild Hairfoli hydrating shampoo to remove all dirt and accumulations.
  • Then take 2-3 drops of beard oil in your hand, close your hand and rub them together to spread the oil evenly on both your palms and fingers.
  • Now, use your hands to rub the oil on your beard and cheek skin. Then massage them gently.
  • Use your fingers to apply the oil in the lower facial area or the chin section.

Once the oil is evenly distributed over the beard, start combing your beard. Start from the neck and chin area, then move to the lower lip area, and finally towards the cheek session. If possible, use a wooden combo for this part.

However, if you don't have a wooden combo, you can also use the HairFolli growth applicator brush to apply the growth serum. Its soft silicone tips gently untangle the hairs and help to spread the product. The comb also stimulates the skin beneath for better blood circulation.

The best part is that comb is multipurpose, and you can easily use it on your scalp. It' silicon-based structure can be used for both wet and dry hair. It can also help to clean away the scalp build-up and impurities.


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