Can I reverse hair loss?

hair loss solution for men and women using hair growth shampoo and hair conditioner

Yes, you can reverse hair loss with
shampoo for hair loss. Men and women also tend to see results with natural hair growth products and other, more intense hair growth products as well. 

However, it’s important to keep in mind that it can be a lot more difficult or, in fact, impossible to reverse hair loss once you’ve reached the stage of balding.

Hair loss occurs for many reasons including stress, certain medications, excess damage to your hair, genetics and more. 

So, to know whether your hair loss is reversible depends a lot on the root cause of your hair loss. Here, we’re going over a few ways you can reverse some forms of hair loss with the right shampoo for hair loss men and women both love as well as other hair growth products to try.


Shampoo for Hair Loss - Men and Women

The first way to reduce hair loss is by choosing a shampoo for hair loss men and women can both enjoy.

If you do choose to go with shampoo for hair loss, men and women should be aware that it works best if your hair loss is caused by breakage, damage or a lack of nutrients. In other words, if your hair loss is genetic, age-related or is caused by the medication you’re taking, for example, you’ll probably need to try a different option.

Hair growth shampoo for hair loss is packed with vitamins and nutrients to nourish your hair from the inside out. Stronger hair means less breakage and when your scalp is nourished, your hair has a better environment in which to grow.

Try our Hair Folli Vegan Hair Growth Shampoo for Hair Loss! Men and women can both use it and they see amazing hair growth results in only a matter of weeks. 


Natural Products for Hair Loss - Men and Women

hair growth shampoo hair folli

In addition to shampoo for hair loss, men and women might also consider trying other natural products such as the Hair Folli Hair Growth Spray. 

Offering a power-packed spray of extra vitamins and nutrients for your hair, hair growth spray will also help address dry, damaged, brittle hair that can often lead to breakage and hair loss.

And again, by nourishing the scalp with a hair growth spray, you’re naturally stimulating your hair follicles to grow faster and healthier in an environment that’s conducive to thriving hair.

Best used alongside a shampoo for hair loss, men and women can simply give their hair a quick spritz, leave it in all day or overnight, and see amazing results in only a few weeks!


Intense Products for Hair Loss - Men and Women

For more intense cases of hair loss, you’ll need a more intense hair growth solution like minoxidil. 

While most shampoo for hair loss men and women can use are packed with all-natural ingredients and other hair growth sprays usually only have oils and vitamins on their ingredient list, there are some medicated formulas you can try if your hair loss isn’t improving.

Ingredients like minoxidil are popular in products like Regaine to stimulate hair growth from the root using a combination of chemicals. 

Hair folli hair growth shampoo for men and women to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth

Although scientists don’t actually know the truth behind why minoxidil works in stimulating hair growth, their best guess is that it widens the blood vessels in your scalp. So, when your hair follicles receive more blood cells, they’re stimulated to grow.
While minoxidil isn’t recommended for everyone as it is rather intense, it’s been known to offer impressive hair growth results. Still, if you prefer natural products, go for a shampoo for hair loss men and women trust to be chemical-free.


Final Thoughts

The amazing reality is that you can reverse hair loss, depending on the reason you’re losing your hair in the first place. 

Some of the most common reasons for hair loss include dry, damaged, brittle hair that’s prone to breakage or an unhealthy scalp due to dandruff or dry skin. 

All of these issues can be improved with a shampoo for hair loss men and women both use, natural products like a hair growth spray or more intense hair growth products. 

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