Can I grow a Beard?

Beard Growth

A majority of men have once in their lifetime worried about the growth of their beards. And heard a variety of useful and absurd suggestions to enhance their beard growth. It is always hard to tell which recommendation is a myth and which one is genuine. No doubt, the right information can be fruitful, but the incorrect one can have detrimental effects. So, going with trusted information is crucial.

We are here to provide you with factual data and useful tips that will help you get the desired beard results.


Reasons For Slow Beard Growth

In order to enhance your beard growth, it is important to know and explore why your beard growth is stagnant. We can help you recognize the focus area you need to work on, as not all solutions can be effective for your particular problem.

Here are some of the reasons that have caused the slow growth of your beard:

Nutrition: Most of the actions performed by our body require Nutritions. Just like that, if your body lacks vitamins and minerals, you will face the problem of slow beard growth. You need to eat food rich in vitamin A, E, D, along with zinc, magnesium, and calcium.

Aggressive Beard Care: One common mistake done by many people is that of aggressive bear care. People often damage their beard by performing the task of beard growth a little too aggressively, which further slows down the growth.

Shaving too often: One of the biggest beard growth myths prevailing in society is that you will get a thick and more beard if you shave often. Many people, in the name of beard growth tips, ask people to shave more than required. However, it is not true at all.

How to increase beard growth?

Good Skin Care: One of the best ways to increase the growth of your beard is to maintain good skin care. The more nourished and healthier your skin is, the more will be the growth of the beard. Many pollutants like oil, dirt damage your face. In order to grow a healthy beard, it is very important that you get rid of these pollutants first.

Balanced Life: It might sound insignificant, but a balanced life plays a very important role in increasing the growth of your beard. In order to have a healthy beard, it is important that you maintain a healthy diet and stay hydrated. Your body works at its best when provided with an accurate diet and water. Not just this, but it is also important to maintain a good sleeping schedule of 7-8 hours sleep daily.

Beard Spray: As the name suggests, beard spray helps nourish the beard and the skin under it. Not just this, but it also helps in growing a shiny and soft beard. If you want to get rid of your patchy beard, then you should opt for Hair Folli Beard Hair Growth Spray.

The spray features a clinically proven formula with different nutrients important for your beard. In addition to this, the spray does not have any harsh chemicals that can damage your beard or skin. It is a one-stop solution for all people who want to eliminate the problem of balding and thinning beard hair.

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