Best Beard Roller For Men

Derma rollers have been used to treat various skin issues, including scars and pigment. A derma roller is a tool that you roll over various areas of your face. It has a handle and a cylinder-shaped head studded with tiny needles. Consequently, the skin layer is pierced very minutely, and it has been discovered that this stimulates the skin's natural collagen production. From being utilized only as an in-office procedure with your dermatologist or aesthetician, this instrument is now available as a take-home remedy from shops like Amazon.

The beard roller is a relatively recent innovation in derma rolling. Some argue that the gadget promotes the development of beards, which makes sense given the seemingly perpetual tendency among males to have thick, full beards, as shown by stars like Brad Pitt or Chris Hemsworth or top athletes like Brian Wilson of the LA Dodgers.

What Are Beard Rollers?

The term "beard rollers" refers to a microneedling tool used at home. It is a hand-held device with a roller covered with several tiny needles, much like a typical derma roller, but with a giant head. These are merely derma-planing tools. Although they use the exact mechanisms, their goal is to promote hair growth.

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How Do They Work?

Tiny puncture holes are made on the skin when a beard roller is dragged over the face. These puncture holes are intended to trigger the skin's damage reaction, which boosts the creation of collagen, a substance essential to healthy hair development. Active substances that plump, moisturize, or stimulate collagen can be delivered using this method. The theory that beard rollers might encourage hair development is supported by research suggesting that microneedling encourages scalp hair growth.

How to Use a Beard Roller For Best Results

If you choose to use a beard roller at home, Hairfolli offers the following advice to assist you in having a positive experience:

  • Take a look at the needle's size. The needle's size should determine the safe frequency of usage. Smaller needles, such as 0.25 mm, can be used more frequently, whereas giant needles (0.5 mm) are used once or twice a week.
  • Your roller must be clean before use. Additionally, it advises cleaning the derma roller with rubbing alcohol after each usage.
  • When using the roller, avoid employing excessive force.
  • For a uniform pattern throughout the beard, roll the tool back and forth in both directions in a variety of planes (horizontal, vertical, as well as diagonal lines). Roll each plane 10 times as a basic rule of thumb. It's crucial to remember that the roller should be elevated rather than twisted when changing orientations or planes to prevent skin damage.

It would help if you stopped using the instrument as soon as you experience any pain or bleeding while microneedling your beard. It is also advised to avoid regions with active folliculitis or acne.


If you are looking for a beard roller that will give your face a heavy, dense and dashing beard, we recommend you go for Hairfolli's Derma Roller for Hair Growth. These are tried and tested derma rollers and can attest to their efficacy. So if you are ready to flaunt your full-grown beard, give these derma/ beard rollers a chance. We wish you a great beard!