Beard Growth Stages

Beard Growth Stages

Beard holds the same value for most men that mane holds for a lion. For most men, a beard relates to their pride and adds masculinity to their looks.

Obviously, a healthy beard doesn't grow overnight. It takes time, and you have to go through multiple beard growth stages that are not very comfortable. But, these stages play an important part in beard growth, and the care you provide during them directly affects beard growth.

So, let's look at the different beard growth stages and what measures you need to take in each of them.


Thick Beard Growth from Beard Roller

Stage 1: Growth

The first stage of beard growth is often the most uncomfortable and weird. During this stage, you will also notice weird beard patches that look awful. You can use some oil and a brush to deal with the itch and a mild solution to keep the skin clean. Regular exfoliation is also helpful.

Stage 2: Gain

By the time your beard reaches the second beard growth stage, it is partially visible. Although, it will be very small, stiff, and may even scratch you. The stage lasts for around 3 weeks, during which it will need proper care and nourishment. You will need to use proper oils and possible hair growth sprays to enhance its growth.

Stage 3: Sharpening

The third stage is crucial as, by this time, you will most probably have a healthy-looking beard. It will be slightly unbalanced and patchy but ready for styling. You may have to use a brush to untangle it and a razor or trimmer to properly shape it.

Stage 4: Maintenance

Finally, with the beard all grown and styled, the only thing you need is to maintain it. You have to clean it, brush it, and sometimes use wax or balm to deal with the rebellious hairs. And, of course, you will still need to use hair growth spray to ensure the proper growth and health of your beard.

How to Use Hair Growth Spray?

The market is full of quality hairsprays that you can use to stimulate the hair follicles of a slow beard growth area. However, not every spray is ideal for your skin and hair type. You have to use a product that is chemical-free and preferably organic.

The Folli growth activator spray is a great option in this regard. It's an all-natural spray with ingredients like Nigella Sativa seed extract and native Kakadu plum known for their benefits.

Moreover, the spray doesn't just stimulate follicles but also repair damage and dryness in the scalp. And it's super easy to apply. Here's how you can use it.

  • Clean the area with mild soap to get rid of dirt.
  • Wipe the area dry with clean linen or paper towel.
  • Shake the spray bottle and directly spray on the desired area.

Once you apply the spray on the beard root and skin, let it stay. Don't use any other product over it. You have to repeat the same process once in the morning and once before bed. The effect is even better if you have a beard roller.


Beard growth is very similar to scalp hair; it grows in cycles, needs care and clean skin to grow properly. You have to ensure that you have the right product and never use a chemical cosmetic on it. And don't forget to maintain a proper diet. Your beard needs proper nutrients to grow. Try it for yourself with the beard roller growth kit today!