Avoid Toxic Ingredients in your Hair Growth Products



There are a lot of different products available in the market when it comes to hair growth. These Hair Growth Products promise people to give them shiny, clean, and smooth hair. But it is important to note that these products also bring a lot of ill effects along with short-term benefits.

Many of the Hair products available these days include toxic ingredients that may cause severe damage to the users. Be it shampoo, conditioners, or any other hair growth product, most of them have harmful ingredients such as Sulfates, Parabens, and more.

Folli Hair Products do NOT contain any toxic ingredients.
toxic ingredients 

Toxic Ingredients Often Found In Hair Products


Sulfates are the ingredients that are often found in various shampoos as they help dissolve oil and provide your hair and scalp a fresh, clean feeling. Thanks to sulfates, many people associate cleaning with foaming lather. All the shampoos containing sulfates create a nice foaming effect that helps in cleaning the greasy and oiled hair. Apart from these short-term benefits, Sulfates strips away all the natural oil from the hair and scalp. This might not feel damaging in the beginning, however with time, it will weaken your hair, and you will end up with dull-looking hair.


In order to make the shelf life of hair products better, many big companies include parabens in their products. Parabens help in increasing the life of these products by preventing the bacterias from growing in them. However, they ignore the fact that parabens have often mimicked the functioning of the female hormone estrogen that increases the risk of breast cancer.

Polyethylene Glycols (PEG)

Polyethylene Glycol is a synthetic compound obtained from petroleum. It is often added to Hair Growth Products to provide users with thick hair. Although there is not much research done on its toxicity, many hair experts assert that continuous use of Hair products involving PEG can cause severe damage to the scalp.


To improve the spreadability of Hair Growth Products, many companies add Phthalates to them. These are a group of chemicals that acts as a gelling agent in many products. However, it is not recommended to use products that include Phthalates as they reduce the sperm count in men and can cause early puberty in girls.

To ensure utmost safety and hair care, it is recommended that you should use organic Hair products that do not contain the above-mentioned harmful ingredients. If you are looking for such a healthy and non harming product for hair care, you should get the Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner from Folli.

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