90s Hair Trends Make a Comeback in 2024: A Stylish Retro Revival

Remember butterfly clips and chunky highlights? Get ready for a blast from the past! The ever-evolving world of fashion sees trends come and go, but some eras leave a lasting impression. The 90s, a decade known for its vibrant music scene, grunge fashion, and bold experimentation, is back in a big way – and that includes hair! This resurgence isn't just about pure nostalgia; these iconic styles have been reimagined for the modern era, offering fresh takes on classic looks.

Why 90s Hair Trends Are Coming Back

There are two major factors fueling the 90s hair revival:

The Nostalgia Factor

There's a certain charm associated with revisiting past trends. The 90s evoke a sense of carefree youth and experimentation, and rocking these hairstyles can be a fun way to tap into that nostalgic feeling.

Influence of Media and Celebrities

Popular culture plays a significant role in shaping trends. With the recent resurgence of 90s-themed movies, TV series, and even music videos, it's no surprise that iconic hairstyles from that era are back in the spotlight. Celebrities like Zendaya and Bella Hadid have also been spotted sporting some of these retro looks, further amplifying the trend.

Iconic 90s Hairstyles That Are In Again

Get ready to relive some of the most defining hairstyles of the 90s:

The Rachel Cut

Made famous by Jennifer Aniston on the hit sitcom "Friends," The Rachel Cut remains a popular choice. This layered cut with flipped ends adds volume and effortless style, making it a versatile option for various hair textures. Hair Folli stylists in Australia can recreate this timeless look with a modern twist, tailoring it to your specific hair type and face shape.

Box Braids and Space Buns

Channeling your inner '90s R&B queen? Box braids and space buns are back in a big way. Box braids offer a protective style for natural hair, while space buns are a playful and fun updo that can be dressed up or down. Hair Folli stylists specialize in various braiding techniques and can create stunning box braids that suit your desired style and length.

How to Modernize 90s Hairstyles for 2024

While the essence of these 90s trends remains, a modern approach can elevate them for today's styles:

Incorporating Contemporary Styling Techniques

Modern hair products and styling tools allow for a more polished and refined take on these retro looks. For example, textured waves can replace the tight crimps of the 90s, and sleek ponytails with a touch of volume can be a sophisticated update on the classic high ponytail.

Accessorizing 90s Hairstyles

Hair accessories are back in a big way! Scrunchies, once relegated to childhood, are making a stylish comeback. Hair clips and barrettes also add a playful touch to any 90s-inspired hairstyle. Consider adding a pop of color or a unique design with your chosen accessory.

Tips for Styling and Maintaining Retro Looks

Nailing these 90s styles requires the right approach:

Choosing the Right Products for 90s Styles

Volumizing sprays and texturizing products can be essential for achieving the body and bounce characteristic of many 90s hairstyles. Shine enhancers can also add a touch of glamour, reminiscent of the glossy hair trends of the era. Hair Folli stylists can recommend products best suited for your specific hair type and desired style.

Hair Care for Retro Styles

Don't forget healthy hair! While some 90s styles involved heat styling, it's crucial to prioritize hair health. Deep conditioning treatments and heat protectants are essential to prevent damage. Hair Folli stylists can also offer advice on maintaining healthy hair while rocking these retro looks.


The 90s hair revival is all about embracing a playful and experimental spirit. Don't be afraid to mix and match elements of different 90s trends or add your own modern twist. Hair Folli stylists are experts at recreating these iconic looks with a contemporary touch, ensuring they flatter your unique features and hair type. So, channel your inner 90s icon and have fun experimenting with these revived styles! Remember, confidence and individuality are always the best hair accessories. 

FAQs About 90s Hair Trends

What are the easiest 90s hairstyles to recreate at home?

For a quick and easy 90s vibe, try a simple high ponytail with a scrunchie or add some texture spray for a messy bun.

How can I make a 90s hairstyle work for formal occasions?

For a more formal take on a 90s look, opt for a sleek low bun with a statement hair clip or try a polished version of the Rachel cut with soft waves for added elegance.

Are there any 90s hair trends that are suitable for all hair types?

Many 90s trends, like headbands and hair clips, can be adapted to flatter all hair types. Textured waves and side braids are also generally versatile options. Consult with a Hair Folli stylist for personalized recommendations based on your specific hair texture and length.

What products are best for achieving the glossy look of 90s hair?

For a glossy finish, look for hair products with shine-enhancing ingredients like argan oil or shea butter. Leave-in conditioners and smoothing serums can also help tame frizz and add a healthy shine. Hair Folli stylists can recommend specific products such as the Folli Hair Mask, this will help you type achieve that desired level of shine.