6 Beard Growth Tips

Beard Growth Tips

A clear face with clean-cut hair and a thick well-groomed beard, rings a bell, doesn't it? Well, it should; after all, it's one of the most popular styles these days? From celebrities to models and actors to common people, every man wants to have a beard to add to his natural facial appeal.

But let's be honest, not everyone gets to fulfill those goals. And in most cases, simply because the beard growth is too slow or the beard grows in patches. If you, too, are one of those struggling to grow a beard, here are the top beard growth tips that can help.

Factor Affecting Beard Growth?

Several factors, including genetics, cleanliness, age, hormonal balance, diet, and environment, can affect beard growth. And luckily, a majority of them can be regulated with some care and using hair growing products. The following beard growth tips can also come in handy.

  1. Keep your face clean, oil-free and exfoliate it regularly.
  2. Use only mild and organic products on your skin.
  3. Follow a proper moisturization routine to ensure your skin doesn't feel dry.
  4. Balance your food habit to ensure your body gets optimal nutrients.
  5. Include some biotin, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin B6 supplements in your diet.
  6. Most importantly, manage stress and maintain proper blood circulation.


Apart from these beard growth tips, you will also need a proper sleep pattern and proper hydration of the body. The water helps to push out the toxins, while proper sleep helps to reduce stress.

If none of these works, or if they work but the beard growth stays slow, you can consider using a beard roller. It helps to increase blood supply and trigger hair growth.

Derma Roller and Why Use It?

Beard roller is a microneedling device that looks somewhat like a razor, except it has a roller instead of a blade. You can use it to needle the beard section of your face. Its roller consists of numerous fine needles that can penetrate through the skin and boost the area's blood circulation.

And using the roller is no big deal. In fact, all you have to do is to roll it over a selected skin area. There is no complicated procedure to follow.

Even more amazing, the device has no side effects. You will feel mild pain during the microneedling process, but that's wont last long. Once you are done, there are no lingering effects or discomfort.

Even with regular or long-term use, the derma roller is completely safe. Although, you will need to sanitize the derma roller after every use and change it once every few months. It's also crucial that you buy a quality derma roller such as the HairFolli derma roller as they are better and more precisely built.

Moreover, if possible, you can consider getting it in pairs with hair spray. The spray will ensure optimal nutrients while the roller enhances collagen and blood circulation in the area. They combiningly will not just trigger growth but will also help with damage repair and eliminate the risk of patchy hairs.


The key to getting a proper and healthy beard is nutrients and care. You have to ensure that you remove the dirt and dead skin that can block your hair from growing. And you have to use products that can stimulate the follicle and increase their blood flow, Like the Beard Growth Kit by Folli. Check it out!