5 Healthy Hair Habits to Start Today

Hair fall is one of the biggest problems both men and women face. The problem might not look prominent in the beginning, but with time can even lead to baldness. So to prevent this problem, it is essential that you follow Healthy hair habits that will not only make your hair healthy but will also promote hair growth.


healthy hair

Healthy hair habits will help you nourish your hair on a daily basis that will further help you in having shiny and bouncy hair. To get healthy hair, you can add the following tips to your daily routine:


Regular cleaning is vital if you want healthy and strong hair. It is necessary in order to make your scalp and hair free from various pollutants. Not just this, but the hair also becomes more greasy and oily with time. To prevent all this, you should clean your hair on a regular basis with a sulfate-free shampoo. The sulfate-free shampoo will stop your hair from thinning, breaking and will give a fresh look by removing excess debris.


Conditioning your hair is as essential as cleaning hair with shampoo. There are many people who do not apply conditioner to their hair after cleaning them with shampoo. It is crucial that you apply conditioner once a week to maintain the smooth and shiny look of your hair. Not only this, but conditioning also helps in providing nourishment to your hair after the shampoo has taken all the natural oil away.

Healthy Diet

Diet plays a very important role when it comes to keeping you and your hair healthy. You will need to maintain a healthy and nutrition-rich diet if you want strong and thick hair. Protein-rich food items such as spinach, sweet potatoes, eggs, and more will help you get smooth and strong hair. A healthy diet will not only help in making your hair strong but will also provide your body with all the nutrients needed.

Regular Haircuts

Many people who want to grow their hair do not get their hair trimmed. However, getting a regular haircut plays a significant role in growing hair as it helps in removing the split ends. Split ends stop the hair from growing and provide your hair with a dull and dry look. That is why it is essential that you regularly get a haircut.

Using The Right Brush

Choosing the right brush to comb your hair is very important. You should choose the type of brush considering your hair type. For instance, you should choose a brush having boar bristles if you want it for thinning your hair. Whereas if you have curly hair, then the synthetic fiber brush will get the job done.

However, if you are looking for a brush for day-to-day usage that can help you detangle your hair, you should choose the super detangler brush from Folli. It is a lightweight brush with vented bristles that helps in making your hair smooth and straight. Get the job done with the Super Detangler Brush and make your hair strong.