6 Tips on How to Repair Dry and Damaged Hair!

How to repair dry and damaged hair?

Split ends are only one type of hair damage. Small cracks start appearing on the exterior layer of severely damaged hair. Your hair is vulnerable to more harm and breaking if the surface opens. It may also appear dry or rough, making it difficult to maintain.

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So, is it possible to move from thin, dry hair to silky, lustrous locks? The answer is not obvious. Hair damage is mostly irreversible since hair is a cluster of dead cells that cannot be repaired.

The only true remedy is time, a set of scissors, and using precautions to avoid more harm. But don't worry; with good hair care and a few treatments, you can help rebuild the exterior layer and start to enhance the look and texture of your hair.

Tips to repair damaged hair

Identifying what caused your hair to fall in the first place is not hard. It could be from constant drying or too much styling, or maybe bleaching. However, the real question is how to repair your hair under the following conditions:

1) Dye your hair less often

If you dye your hair regularly and are experiencing hair damage, hair specialists advise you to use a hair shade that falls 2-3 shades near your natural hair color. If you opt for a shade completely different from your original hair color, it will cause more damage since they have to be re-touched frequently.

Having a hair color closer to your natural hair makes it easier to touch up your hair and avoid using too much hair color onto your scalp.

2) Use plant based growth spray

Plant based Growth Spray is a proven remedy for hair care. Using such a spray on your scalp helps to moisturize it and rehydrate the hair follicles, promoting hair growth and making your hair appear to be more luscious and healthier. This method is shown to be quite effective, but it is also inexpensive and easy to do at home.

3) Limit using bleach/ colouring

Bleaching is an extremely difficult process that helps to remove your natural hair color from each strand. The process ends up leaving your hair looking dry and brittle. Experts recommend that if you have no other but to bleach your hair, then make sure to moisturize it before bleaching; the moisture will help to reduce the impact of harsh chemicals and help your hair survive the impact.

4) Rinse your hair with rice water

We know it may sound extremely weird and strange, but washing your hair in rice water has effectively repair damaged hair. The ingredients found in rice water are said to penetrate your hair follicles and repair your hair from the inside out.

5) Limit the use of heating tools

Using hair styling tools plays an important role in damaging your hair. To lessen the impact or level of damage on your hair, try using a heat protection product; not only do these products reduce the effects of styling tools, but they also prevent split ends in your hair.

Use the lowest heat setting on any styling tool and limit the time your hair touches the styling tool. However, an even better solution would be to promote heat-free hairstyles, allowing your hair to remain in its natural condition.

Having something that doesn’t use heat and can quickly unknot your hair would be the Super Detangler Brush. The Super Detangler Brush helps smooth and straighten your hair with no heat or chemicals at all! 

6) Get a haircut after every few months.

Getting a regular hair cut allows your hair to be free of brittle and uneven ends, giving it a more natural and healthy look. Give a gap of 4-6 months between each hair cut; it will improve dry hair and promote healthy hair growth.


Dry and Damaged hair is a common and recurring problem that everyone seems stressed about, so if you're looking for a solution to cater to all your hair care problems, we recommend checking out the Hair Growth Starter Kit, to give your hair the best nutrients for growth!

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